Our Services

What We Believe In

We believe that customer service starts before you make a purchase. Good customer service begins with a fast website and it ends when you pass your furniture on to your grandkids. Our goal is to make Beanie MNL the most fun and intelligent place to shop for furniture.

World Class Customer Service means we stay ahead of the curve so that you don't have to call us if you don't want to. If you do call, we'll always be sincere, kind, proactive, and swift to make sure you're taken care of. Give us a call  and let us prove it to you.

Perfectly Curated Product and Shippers

At SmartFurniture.com, we make sure that every product we sell is one we'd be proud to have in our homes and every shipper is vetted and approved. That way, we can guarantee you'll enjoy what you buy and have a great experience when it arrives to your home or office.

100% Safe & Secure Ordering

We use the latest encryption technology to keep your personal information safe. We use 128-bit Encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the security of your online order information. All your ordering information -- including your name, address, and credit card number -- is encrypted using a secure server for maximum security.

You will be treated with World-Class customer service

We strive to provide the best customer service in the world. It sounds cliché, but we're very serious about it. We admit that we're not always perfect, but we always try and do the right thing. Yes, we've won lots of awards for our customer service, but we don't like to brag. We just like to treat our customers like we want to be treated.

We believe that good customer service isn't complicated. That's why we keep our policies to a minimum and our good attitudes to the maximum. We want to earn your business for the rest of your life.