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STELA Floor Cushion

STELA Floor Cushion

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Introducing the STELA Floor Cushion, a beacon of comfort in the world of restful nights and revitalized mornings. With STELA, experience more than just sleep; immerse yourself in a celestial cocoon of relaxation that redefines the essence of rejuvenation.


  1. Adaptive Comfort Layers: Tailored with precision, STELA offers dynamic layers of memory foam and responsive springs, ensuring the mattress molds perfectly to your body while providing steadfast support.

  2. Cooling Technology: The infusion of cooling gel within the floor cushion dissipates heat, guaranteeing a consistently refreshing sleep experience even on warmer nights.

  3. Motion Isolation: Whether you're sharing the bed or enjoy an uninterrupted sleep, STELA's design minimizes motion transfer, ensuring you remain undisturbed.

    Dimension: 10cm x 86cm x 177cm>

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